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Since 2003, our company has established foreign trade intelligence systems in companies, ensuring that they gain strategic superiority at the global level, while ensuring that this system is sustainable by keeping this system in the company's memory and developing it.

With the target-oriented model we have developed, we enable our companies to export to the determined target markets in a very short time and to establish the infrastructure of this in their companies. 

The steps of this process are as follows:

1. Determination of company products and GTIP numbers 

2. Preparation of the Target Market matrix 

3. Identifying possible target markets 

4. Clarifying target markets 

5. Target market decision making 

6. Identifying target customer types in selected target markets 

7. Positioning these customer types 

8. Downloading customer information from databases 

9. Evaluation of target customers and competitors 

10. Preparation of market entry strategy 

By working together in the process with the zoom meetings to be determined by the company every month;

1. Information on potential target customers will be provided in the context of customer types to be determined from the target country. According to trade registry records, 250 million companies can be accessed from all over the world. (Company address and telephone, telephone and fax numbers, Company turnover, number of employees and names of managers are available for most countries.) 

2. Bill of lading information can be accessed on the basis of actual  importers from target countries and company information will be provided from selected target markets. 

3. Other databases will also be used and indexes will be shared with the company. 

The subscription for the information to be provided is approximately 170,000 TL per year. Yaman Koç Education Consultancy Ltd.Şti is a member of these databases. The country information to be downloaded will be from these databases. Therefore, target customer information will be provided from countries according to the number of consultancy after training and consultancy.

The foreign trade intelligence system we have established in hundreds of companies (see References) Please call us for more information.

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