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“yk consultancy” was founded in 2003 by Mr.Yaman Koc. ,Now it is  “Yaman Koc Consultancy Ltd.”

Yaman Koc Consultancy Ltd.”  is a strategic and competitive intelligence consulting firm delivering trade information and intelligence to clients to make better business decisions in the international trade.

Our Founder Yaman Koc has two decades of experience working in international market research and market intelligence both within major corporations and SME’s. Authoring his books “Trade Intelligence and The Strategy Of Contemporary Export Marketing”, “Competitive Intelligence in Foreign Trade” and “Competitive Intelligence& International marketing Channels ” and 15 international target  market researches and dozens of  seminars, on competition, strategy and competitive intelligence.

“Yaman Koc Consultancy Ltd.” has been helping clients build sustainable and compact strategies based on actionable competitive intelligence.

We create customized solutions and provide clients with action-oriented intelligence in the global world in their target markets determined by our market research team.  Every project is tailored, we don’t believe that useful information can be bought ‘off the shelf’’


The one thing that has remained constant has been our business ethic.

“Yaman Koc Consultancy Ltd.” provides you with current, strategic and tactical information.

The Economic World is more Global than ever, changing constantly and rapidly and “hyper competition” is now determining everything.

The size and reach of our trade information source network and indexes enables us to gather intelligence quickly and efficiently regardless of industry, geography, or scope.

“Yaman Koc Consultancy Ltd.” specializes in customized intelligence services.

We serve from big corporations to SME’s working to grow their international market presence as well as government agencies, trade associations and Chamber of Commerce’s.

We establish international marketing systems based on trade information and intelligence. We learn your business objectives quickly and capably to ensure actionable analysis and recommendations.

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Address: Küçük Esat Mahallesi , Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi No:45/4 Çankaya/ANKARA
Phone: (0312) 250 46 87

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