Mahbup Özgül KARAGÖZ

Mahbup Özgül KARAGÖZ

Özgül KARAGÖZ, born in Ankara in 1982, graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences - Department of Finance. She continues a master’s education in Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences – Department of Politics and International Relations.

In the years 2005-2006, she completed European Volunteer Service Program in Germany, where she worked as a project coordinator in various organizations. From the year 2006, she specialized as a consultant in EU projects, especially youth programs.

After her debut in the profession at the finance department of a pioneer firm in its own sector in 2007, she preceded her career in the field of foreign trade.  She currently works in Karasal Consultancy as foreign trade consultant for SMEs.

In addition to her experience in providing education for numerous institutions and organizations, KARAGÖZ has several publications on market surveys for firms and institutions. She continues studying on her thesis; “The Impact of Emerging Political Trends in the Middle East to the Commercial Relations with Turkey”.

Having worked with Yaman KOÇ in numerous market survey, education and consultancy fields, KARAGÖZ provided education for Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Ivedik Organized Industrial Zone, OSTİM (Defense and Aviation Cluster, Medical Cluster, Heavy Equipment Cluster), vocational training centers and several universities.

Being one of the first executors of employed counseling model, KARAGÖZ has already become a future-shaping consultant. He has been providing education and consultancy concerning fields such as commercial intelligence systems, competitive intelligence, international marketing, market survey and reporting, preparing strategical plans for target market, donations and subsidies given in foreign trade sector, entrepreneurship, project writing and implementation. She speaks English and German as foreign language.

Apart from professional life, KARAGÖZ is a licensed skier since 1987. She is also actively interested in voluntary work and social responsibility projects.

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