Associate Prof. Murat CANITEZ

Associate Prof. Murat CANITEZ

Associate Prof. Murat CANITEZ, born in Niğde in 1971, graduated from Selçuk University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences - Department of Business Administration. He received a master’s degree in Southern NH University - Graduate Business School, USA. After starting his academic career in 1993, he received a doctor’s degree in 2004 and Assoc. Prof. Degree in international trade in 2010. He currently holds the chairmanship of Konya Chamber of Trade Karatay University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences - Department of International Trade.

After his definite return to Turkey in 2000, CANITEZ worked as an instructor in several universities. He established international trade-related departments in Atılım, Çağ and COT Karatay universities.

In addition to the academic studies since 2001, he also runs the foreign trade department of his family company, dealing both with import and export. Having put his academic knowledge into practice, CANITEZ has been in the real sector for years, giving consultancy services.

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